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dbz hentai 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2010-04-27 19:08:58 by ilovecandy2

Top all of the thousands of fans emailing me begging me make dbz hentai 4... the wait is almost over! After years of planning and preperation I AM ALMOST DONE!!! PLEASE STOP MESSAGING ME IT WILL BE OUT SOON I PROMISE!

hey guys check this one out! if u like it give me a hell yeah ....

obama- click watch this move!

candy knows best

2008-06-09 13:15:27 by ilovecandy2

my flashes are the best on newgrounds....... if you love my flashes give me a hell yea if you hate them stfu

hentai collection?

2008-05-25 09:22:25 by ilovecandy2

ive just recently finished making dbz hentai part 4 but decided not to submit the hilarious flash to newgrounds unless one of my other flashes either gets into the hentai collection or into the list of 5 more popular flashes for the collection. so if you are a huge fan of my work submit my flashes to the collection.

best flash in the world

everybody loves the candyman

2008-04-07 08:48:13 by ilovecandy2

everybody loves me and everybody loves my flash awesome lord of the rings because it sexy baby... the candyman out