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2008-04-11 13:06:52 by ilovecandy2

best flash in the world


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2008-04-11 17:42:25

What about Super Mario bros. Z, Nazo Unleashed, or Madness?


2008-04-11 23:21:16

Thats just a WEE BIT narcissistic.


2008-04-12 03:47:17

To be honest I could only truly wonder if you read through my reviews as you said, regardless your Flash was rather interesting. It had a rather good rendition of the voices used by the characters of the movie. For this, I applaud you. For the graphic works there's always room for a ton of improvement. So on and so fourth. Have fun, though the I Love Candy was the clincher for me, especially since you used to the good version of the song. As random as that was, truly enjoyable.