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hentai collection?

2008-05-25 09:22:25 by ilovecandy2

ive just recently finished making dbz hentai part 4 but decided not to submit the hilarious flash to newgrounds unless one of my other flashes either gets into the hentai collection or into the list of 5 more popular flashes for the collection. so if you are a huge fan of my work submit my flashes to the collection.


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2008-05-28 18:09:05

I don't think anybody is a fan of your work when all of them average 2's...


2008-05-30 15:04:33

wtf is up wit ur brintny shit?


2008-05-31 13:13:28

Well, if it don't get in the collection without you asking for it, I don't think we will miss it really...